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Ferrets are the third most popular companion pet in the world but are not for everyone. 

Please learn all you can about them before you purchase one.

The Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice is located in Roanoke, Virginia and services a 30 mile radius of the valley. 
There once was a group of volunteers, however we are now down to two volunteers dedicated to helping domestic ferrets by providing temporary respite to them while they wait for their forever homes.  All ferrets under the care of the Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice are ADV tested and vaccinated* upon intake if medical records are not available.  *(rabies & distemper are given two weeks apart to minimize reactions)

Information is also provided to the public about the proper care of ferrets.

If a ferret is sick, veterinary care is provided before placement. 
If a ferrets' health or age does not allow for adoption, that ferret is lovingly cared for until he or she crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Need more general info about ferrets?  These sites are great resources:    
Ferret Universe 
Miami Ferret

For a little Holiday Cheer check out the video clip by Sandro Da Cruz.

One of the best qualities of ferret ownership is watching their funny antics.  The little animated video here is a "feel good" clip:

The shelter recently lost its store front when the city closed the local indoor flea market so any donations would be appreciated. 

Donations can be made to the shelter account via PayPal:
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