Ferrets are the third most popular companion pet in the world but are not for everyone.   As such, they are often surrendered to shelters for a variety of reasons.

Most ferrets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the care required, had a birth or death in the family, or simply chose to give up the responsibly of being a caregiver for their ferret. 

 If you are considering adding a ferret to your life, please learn all you can about them before you purchase one.  We can help with that. 

If you aren't in a position to adopt, would you consider sponsoring one of the ferrets in our hospice care?  We have several that are older and not an adoption candidate that we have committed to care for until their time to make the journey over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please help us care for them until that time comes.  

AS OF OCTOBER 2018, The Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice has closed its doors to any new surrenders. adoptions will only be granted for pre-approved applications already on file.


It is vital that before bringing home a ferret, you make sure you have considered the full impact of your decision.  Ferret adoption can be an enriching experience, and is a big decision. 

We work hard to make sure that we take care of all of the ferrets here at Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice. Unfortunately we can't do it without people like you & your donations.

If you would like to help us to continue to care for the ferrets in our guardianship please consider making a donation by sponsoring a ferret, or several.

So you think you want to add a ferret to your home & heart.  Ferret adoption is a wonderful way to provide a ferret a second chance in a loving & caring environment. 

We are here to help you get ready for your new family member.